Guest List Part II

Oh, what a long week. Last week just seemed to drag and drag and drag on, which is why I didn't blog, though a lot happened.

I was in Austin for our quarterly board meeting [which is my last *sadface*], so Chet and I thought we would have a sit down with my parents to go over the guest list. Now, remember that we had our list of goals as I tell you this story.

Last Monday, we sat down and made our list of friends and family we wanted there. It came out to 114, which was more than we wanted but we knew of 22 who wouldn't come because it just wasn't plausible for them too. So, that brought it down to 92 which is below our 100 people number that we had wanted. Perfect! We were thrilled because this definitely was in line with Goal #1.

Lovely! So, Thursday night, we meet with my parents to make sure we have everything together. Now, Chet and I have a disagreement in this situation. My parents are putting a good amount of money toward this wedding and I feel that they should have a say in who's invited. Chet is on the fence about it, leaning toward the "Oh no they don't!" side. So, anyway, we're at my parents house, and I have the list out and we're going over it. And my dad starts adding "and this person, and this person and this person" until we are now at 199 people!! Yeah, that's right, we jumped from 114 with only 92 maybe coming to 199. And now it's at 218. This was definitely not in line with our goals.

So, we're stuck. We've come up with a couple of options, but March is almost here, and we have to get going. I mean really. We need to get going.

So, our options:
  1. We forgo the goals and invite all 218 to our wedding. And have the big traditional lavish wedding that we didn't really want.
  2. We have a very small ceremony here in Huntsville (with less than 30 people) and go to dinner on the 20th. Then, on the 21st we have a huge traditional wedding/reception and that way everyone is happy.
  3. We go to the Justice of the Peace.
We talked to my parents about the Option Number Two and he liked the idea. We talked to Chet's mom about Option Number Two and she did not.

No one is ever happy ... when it comes to weddings I think.

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Hey Honey, you're beautiful.