Happy February!

Woo! As promised, Chet and I finished our goals and received our budget from my parents. We are both pretty stoked about this, because it means that we can really get into the planning side of things, send out Save the Dates (I absolutely refuse to call them STD's!) and just all around really get going, which is amazing.


Let me preface this with a blog that I love. I found her somewhere along the way and have enjoyed reading her thoughts and ideas about planning a wedding. Chet and I often send her posts back and forth to each other because they are just so awesome. So who is this?! It's 2000 Dollar Wedding! She wrot
e an article about finding your goals first, and then planning the wedding: that way you begin with the big picture, and make sure everything you're doing fits into that. You can find that post HERE

So, here are ours:
  1. To be surrounded by our closest friends and family
  2. The ceremony is to be a celebration of how awesome we are; not a replay of traditions that tend to make us uncomfortable. This means that we need to do things the way we see fit, even if it means stepping on toes.
  3. Be stress free and smile all day
  4. Remain under budget. Even if that means we have to pass up some once-in-a-lifetime-wedding-specialty sale going down.
  5. Create as little refuse as possible, and use as few non-new items as possible.

As for the budget, we're gonna use this pretty sweet programto get it all figured out, so that'll come later.

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