Option Number 4

And that's what we've decided on. What? You didn't see a fourth option?! Neither did we until we duked it out verbally lastnight.

Okay, there was no fighting, but there were some raised voices as I explained that I didn't feel that he was helping me, nor did I feel like I was getting help from anyone. And he apologized, and promised to help me more. I told him that I felt a bit left to the wind on Thursday when he sat silently allowing the guest list to grow bigger and bigger and bigger.

So. Our fourth option is this:

We stick to our guns. We keep our guest list at 122 [again, knowing that 22 of them won't come]. We have it at Austin Hall [which will probably knock it down to 50]. We do what makes Chet and I happy. We will give in and have concessions; that's bound to happen. But we have decided that we will not make concessions about this. This is the key part of our wedding.. and we don't want a circus.

Ah... I love soul searching at midnight.

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