Guest Lists, Venues, Budgets... oh my!

Ah, isn't this the cry of many a bride?

Has anyone ever really tried to bring together a list of their closest friends and family, thus ensuring that they are surrounded by those people on their wedding day. It is not easy at all... and I mean that.

And venues.. oh lordy... that is something else. We checked out Austin Hall on our University campus on Friday, and I would love that. We both would. That would be our ideal place, because SHSU means so much to us. But, if we get married at Austin Hall, a huge chunk of our guest list would probably not be there -- thus successfully knocking it down from about 100 to 50 or so.

But, then of course, there is Austin where we could get married. At a children's museum, a sculpture garden, and the list just goes on and on. This would definitely ensure that a lot of people would be there, but what should we give up?

Ah, and the budget. I mean really, this is just a pain. We have an idea of what the budget should look like; but how, exactly, do you do a budget when you don't know the venue? Because, as previously discussed, the venue will dictate how many people will be there.

It's such a vicious circle.

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