Gifts, gifts, gifts

So I forgot to post this yesterday, so you get a twofer. :)

As I said before, The guys were given cuff links that Chet made (no really, he made them) as well as unique ties.

Chet showing off his cufflinks... and his bad ass tie.

The girls were given these shawls...

as well as some earrings that you can kind of, sort of see on them, and then see for reals below.

Chet and I decided to partake in the tradition of giving each other gifts. However, we opted to keep them on the more cost effective side of things... which I think made it more creative.

As I said before, I "embroidered" a pocket square the night before the wedding for him. I put on there:

love is enough

Ask him about it, he'll show you.

Charlotte helping him into it.

Chet, got waaaay more creative though. He created a secret book thingy to hold my gift. He used the book "Greatest American Love Poems" or something like that. He hollowed out the book, put a poem which I love in the back and then put my gift inside. It was fabulous. I bet you want to know what he got me, eh?

He bought me a swallow locket. And inside the locket (because this is just cool) he put some of his favorite love song lyrics. Like I said, awesome.

Almost all of these things were purchased through That place is amazing. And it's your best friend.

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