12-27: Annnnnnd snow. I'm still loving it, Chet is wondering why he married me and agreed to this.

12-28: Jersey and I were in a very intense staring battle. I won.

12-29: Chet was rear ended on Tuesday and more than anything, it annoyed me. This is only because now I have to deal with 16 year old drivers and obnoxious insurance companies.

12-30: Books are like air to me. This was after two days in the apartment and reading the four I had already checked out.

"Books can be dangerous. The best ones should be labeled 'This could change your life.'" ~Helen Exley

12-31: We spent a very mellow new year's eve with our friend, Ted. I missed the loudness of my godparents, but it was still nice. We didn't have any form of fireworks, since it was unbelievably cold. Chet made fireworks on the xbox for us.

1-1-2010: Ted and Jersey watching Star Wars. We're in the midst of my education.

1-2: Grocery shopping with Chet is always an adventure, and you should be jealous.

With this said, I have some posts coming up. :)

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