Week 5 and I am now caught up. Now, my 365 photos will be published only on Sunday afternoons, for the week prior.

12-20 Christmas cards -- done. Only 15 were sent out, but whatev.

12-21 My sweet husband home from a job that involves data entry. I know he doesn't like it, but I appreciate beyond words the things he's willing to do so that I can follow my dreams. (sappiness is done, now)

12-22 Look what we got for Christmas! Total and utter shock, but we are grateful for it. Check out week two for a glimpse of the tv this replaced. Woo!

12-23 Ice on trees makes them heavy but beautiful.

12-24 You've already seen this, but, it was our picture for Christmas Eve. This was taken in front of the tree at church. We did the advent candles for that night, and it was really nice. Lots of compliments were to be had.

12-25 Merry Christmas! Chet had a gift with some ribbon which he found fascinating. I, of course, took photos.

12-26 Scrabble! One of my favorite board games. We occasionally play and more often than not use legitimate words and don't cheat. Ha!

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