Are we ready for week 4? No? Well, too bad.

12-13 So, now it's on to the last week of school. I headed off to Indigo Bridge to do work. There was lots and lots of coffee involved in my final paper -- which I made an A- on!!

12-14 Belated birthday present came in the mail, an Austin Firefighter's Calendar! It's my first ever, and you better believe it's going in my office.

12-15 Final project and paper handed in. I celebrate with Little Debbie cakes and milk. Nom!

12-16 presents from my parents under our tree. It was really, really nice to have those, and they were torn into come Christmas morning.

12-17 Chet's mom took some of the cranes from our wedding and turned them into Christmas ornaments. They are gorgeous.

12-18 Breakfast for dinner is another favorite of mine. And potatoes.

12-19 Our cat is the best, and you all should be jealous. Chet has cool boots, too.

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