Yay Flags!!

If you'll remember, I really wanted Yay Flags for the wedding send off. Our venue won't let us use rice, confetti, sparklers, birdseed, or petals. And, frankly, I like the pom poms, but I'm seriously doubting they would let us use those either. :o)

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So, I wanted Yay Flags. When I made this decision, I promptly ordered flags from Oriental Trading. They were a great price, 5.99 per dozen. You can't really beat that.

Now, flash forward to about a week ago. They have been happily sitting in their boxes since we purchased them. They made their move up to Nebraska and were quickly tucked away in our ever growing wedding corner of the house. Chet looked at me and said, "so, are we making the flags or not?" Ugh.

The directions for the yay flags call for printer/iron on paper and an iron (duh) that preferably works well. And a printer that isn't a jerk. Oh, and maybe some patience.

We had none of that. So what was our solution?

Make stamps!!

yay flags (3)

This would be our dear friend Brittany who helped with the flags.

We purchased paint, laid out a few newspapers on the dining room table, poured paint onto said newspapers and Chet and Brittany began stampin' away.

yay flags (6)

yay flags (2)

Alana and I were in charge of gluing the sticks to the canvas, becuase the sticks very easily would just slip out and I was worried about someone poking their eyes out. Much like if we were giving Red Ryder BB Guns out at the wedding.

yay flags (5)

Then, Ted showed up! Bless him! He cut the tags off the back since they were bothering me.

yay flags (7)

We ended up with 80ish I believe.

yay flags (8)

yay flags

Currently, I am debating about writing on the back of them

"CHET AND NICOLE EST. 11/21/2009"

Because, you know they're flags. One must have an established date with flags. ;) And, without a flag, you are obviously not a country. Or an entity.

We have some other fun projects to show you with only 13 days until the wedding!!


Anonymous said...

bubbles would work too

Nicole said...

You are totally right! Bubbles would have worked too, but we didn't really like that either. We were worried about bubbles spilling the historic building and causing a mess or some of the many other things.

Though, I think we might have a bubble machine for my mom who adores bubbles. :)