Hair Hair Hair

I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with it for the wedding. I'm not paying to have my hair done because I have full confidence that I can make myself look beautiful without the help of a $60 hair do.


  1. I have this great bun thing that I do a lot. It's comfortable, easy to do, and cute.
  2. I've also been playing with curling my hair, since it's so stinking long.
  3. I've seen some really cute braid like up do's recently too.

Perhaps I'll do something with all three?

I'm just playing with my hair currently trying to come up with something. My guess is I won't have a decision until you see me walking down the aisle (or the pictures hehe).

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Heather Olguin said...

For my junior prom, this lady did a french braid around my hair, starting at the bottom center and worked all the way back around. I thought it was super easy and elegant. Just a thought!!