We all know one. There's someone who doesn't believe in marriage because of X-Y-Z. Daddy issues, failed relationships, failed marriages they've known.

I get that these are legitimate issues. I'm training to be a psychologist for God's sakes.

But seriously? Leave my marriage alone. You don't know me, at least not as well as you think you do. You don't know why we chose to get married. You don't know our beliefs about marriage. You don't know if we struggled to make the decision to wed or are just jumping in. You don't know our relationship.

So let it be.

I understand that marraige is a patriarchial establishment. I understand that often times, women get the short end of the stick. But, you have no idea who I am marrying.

Love is a greeting card myth? Perhaps, in some ways. But you know what? My love isn't. Our love has stood tests that you have no idea about. We've seen healthy relationships in our lives. We understand that marriage is work, because our relationship has been work. Because our parents have worked at their marriages.

We've made an incredibly adult decision, and we know that divorce is not an option. And we're committed to that. Are you?

And my wedding will sure as hell not be the best day of my life, thank you very much.

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Ashton said...

I feel like you should call me tonight because I am concerned about you after reading this.