Sleeves? No sleeves? Who effing cares?

Apparently, Ivanka Trump got married last weekend. She wore lace sleeves with her wedding gown. And her hair down. This has the wedding world in a tizzy and brides returning wedding dresses that are strapless in favor of dresses that have sleeves.

Okay, that's a little bit intense. But now people like Vera Wang and NYT Fashion critic Cathy Horyn are criticizing strapless dress wearing brides. New York Magazine has an opinion too.

Blogs are weighing in. And the comments are screaming I WANT A DRESS WITH SLEEVES!!!

This bothers me. As if brides don't have enough pressure to look absolutelyperfectfortheirbigday, we are now telling them that they HAVE TO HAVE sleeves. And how dare you consider wearing a sleeveless dress.
I thought Ms. Trump looked sensational in her lace dress. It was the sleeves. We’re so used to seeing brides in strapless dresses that Ms. Trump’s gown made a fresh statement. Maybe she’ll have an influence on brides.

I'm glad she looked stunning. I'm so glad that look worked for her. I don't think it works for everyone. Just like strapless doesn't work for everyone. I don't think you need to be worrying about what other brides wear becuase they are comfortable. I don't need your influence.


For the record, her dress was quite pretty.


As a side note: it's being passed around that the sleeves were added becuase the happy couple was married in an Jewish Orthodox tradition. In which you have to have sleeves. There is no choice.

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