Updates, Updates


So, I'm not really even totally sure where I left off. I suppose it was about &'s, yes?


Okay, so where are we now? Well, everything has basically become a crap shoot. Funny, as I am no longer in Texas, but I suppose that is how it goes.

Alright, alright. I'm being dramatic again. But we've had a couple of things go wrong. First, our band which was going to play the ceremony and then during the mingling time is no longer able to play. WHAAAA!? Well, apparently they have to march, at the only away game that they go to, which, is of course, that weekend.

So we went for plan B, asking our friend who plays in a string quartet to play for the wedding. He agreed, and then promptly remembered another commitment to which he could not back out of. To his credit, he diligently tried to get out of it, but it just wasn't happening. He gave us the number to some friends of his, but couldn't guarantee any prices for us -- which is just terrifying.

Oh no. Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no. That is about the mode my brain has been on for the last few days. Okay, so see, our DJ also has a wedding package in which they'll help us choose songs, set up, play and all of that glorious stuff. Only problem was that it adds an extra $395. And then add an extra $150 for the hour to play. When e-mailing out DJ, he very kindly bumped the price down to $475, since this is a completely unexpected expense. It really was kind of him.

We just don't know where we're getting the money from.

Also, we can't locate our pastor who is to marry us. Sam, if you're out there... please, for the love of God, contact me? k, thanks.

Oh, and invitations need to go out like, tomorrow if we want people to come. Apparently it's good to have people show up when you're putting on a wedding.

Ohno. ohnoohnohnohnohnohnohnohno.

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