Despite no one really understanding it, Chet and I love ampersands. Don't ask us why because you won't receive an answer that you consider satisfactory.

Please just accept that we're odd, and we love them. We love them so much that I have one tattooed behind my ear:

and Chet has one on his chest:

So anyway, I found these fabulous designs through Google images:

I'm loving these ampersands. Maybe when I go to have my tattoo touched up, I'll switch it up some? I really like the first one and the last one.

Anyway, what led me to looking at ampersands was that one of my maids of honor (I'll tell you about that later) left this image on my facebook.

Found here

See, she adores balloons. She loves making balloon animals and such. And we've talked about balloons in some form or fashion at the wedding... and this would be perfect. It won't happen, and you can see why in the video on the website, but it is a lovely thought. :)


Lindsey Speights said...

I think that it is possible to recreate this in some form. But will there be a place to display it at Austin Hall?

Ashton said...

I think if anyone could pull it off it would be Lindsey, and this is how far behind I am on reading the blog. I am an awful friend.