Quotes and Invitations

"An invitation to a wedding invokes more trouble than a summons to a police court". --William Feather

Okay, see, I love that. I'm not sure why, but it's a pretty brilliant quote.

Anyhow, invitations are done! And they are in the mail (thanks Chet!!), and on their marry [it's a pun, get it?] way to their new homes. Because, God Bless it, they are out of mine.

So, you may want to see photos of them, right? Well, I'm opting to not show them until I know that some people have gotten them already. This is mainly because I want you all to be shocked at how amazing they are!!! ;)

But, I will leave you with these goodies:

Kinda there

This is from Thursday night; the RSVP cards are done, kind of, and I'm preparing myself for the real work.

What a Mess

This is from Friday night before I figured out how to streamline everything. Notice how hard Chet is working...

All Ready to be mailed

All done and ready to be mailed out.

Okay, so, in total these invitations took about 11 hours to do between stuffing, stamping, addressing, stamping, sticking and it could go on. I like them. I think they turned out quite lovely, though I think if I were to ever do wedding invitations again I would spend the money to get someone else to do them. Or do a view master invitation.

So, when you get your invitation that I(we) worked hard on, please, do not do as Chuck Palahniuk suggests. I would not appreciate it... at least don't take pictures.

"What I did was pour out about a gallon of Chanel Number Five and put a burning wedding invitation to it, and boom, I'm recycling". -- Chuck Palahniuk

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