Thank you, thank you soooo much

I've been scourging the web for THE PERFECT thank you cards, but I'm finding that while they exist, they exist for a very pretty penny. I assume it's a pretty penny, because I am lacking them.

Anyhow, I'll show you the ones I've fallen in love with, and then know that I must back away... slowly..

I loooove these. They would be so absolutely perfect. But, they are about $1.25 a card, and that my friends, is just too much for me to spend on Thank You cards.

These are just adorable. We may go with these, maybe, if we can't find anything else that we like. These are $75 for 100 ... is that good or bad? I don't know, but they're cute!

I like the twisty vines on this one. And the basic drawing/ prettiness of it.

This I think would make a great thank you/christmas card. See, I'm terrible at the whole 2 week etiquette thing: I have graduation Thank You's to still be sent.

I love this one too. It's so simple and elegant.

This = adorable. Probably not (at all) appropriate for a wedding thank you, but I love it!!

Oh etsy, You often get me into trouble.


K. Chet said...

I really like the second and third ones! Our wedding stuff is better than everyone else's!

Ashton said...

I like the last two the best. And who cares about the last one maybe not being appropriate for your wedding?? I think if you like them the best, you should go with them even if they might not be 100% wedding.