Oh Man

I'm 3 days from leaving the state which means I am three days from needing to have everything done.

I'm pretty sure that I am not even close.

In other news, Chet successfully graduated yesterday! We are now official alums of SHSU, and both very pleased with that situation.

To do:
Create a list for my mom and Lindsey so they know what to bring for the wedding
Find that damn envelope stamp
Get envelopes weighed so I can figure out the stamp situation
Create programs
Do yay flags... {because those totally got forgotten about!!}
Buy ties
Find shirts
Determine a place for the rehersal dinner since no one is happy with our choice

And I know there is more.. I just know it. Ugh.

In other news, the invitations are done! There will be a post to come about that. Hope you had a lovely weekend.


Jessicus Veritas said...

What about Stardust Room? Everyone knows their food is great...or Homestead?

Ashton said...

Homestead is way too expensive. Stay away from that place.

And what was your previous choice?? I don't think I ever got that memo.