..we're in July. I have about 7 weeks until I leave for Nebraska. 8 until I begin classes. 142 days until the wedding. Phew.

This week has been busy with purchases from Etsy making their way to my house. I often wonder what the mailman thinks of these packages. I received my bridesmaids gifts, and I am so pleased with them. Really, I am pleased with everything I've received, but I am really excited to gives these out. Sadly, you do not get to have photos as I am trying to keep them under wraps from now. You'll see them in about 160 days, have no fear. :)

I also received the shoes that I was considering using for the wedding. While they are adorable, I just don't think that they are what I am going for. So, I headed over to DSW and looked for a pair. This wonderful young lady helped me try on shoes, and didn't laugh too hard when I almost busted my butt in front of her by tripping. Despite that, I found them!



Try to tell me those aren't cute! And they are perfect for my dress, trust me, I checked. ;-)

Finally, my veil came in today! And it is just as perfect as I thought it would be. Would you like to see?

P1070762 P1070755 P1070761


See, you can see the facisnator and the veil. That, too, looks great with my dress. I checked.

If you're wondering, I am planning on wearing my glasses for the wedding. I feel naked with out them, and am not a fan of contacts, though I own them. So, glasses it is.

Trying it all on today felt so good, and so real. I just twirled in front of our mirror and smiled. Despite everything else, I will be marrying the man of my dreams, and I couldn't be more excited.

I would also like to tell everyone how much I have spent on my wedding ensemble.

Fabric for dress: $117.29
Veil and fascinator: $50.00
Shoes: $43.25
Wrap: $15.80
Total: $226.34

I am so proud of that. I really am. I had set aside $300.00 for the dress, only, so to spend $230 for all of it makes me happy. Now, I will say that I am very lucky that my aunt is creating the dress for me, so I won't be paying for labor, and that is a huge help. However, I think that I deserve every right to be proud of how little we spent on this. :) :)

Now, I am off to pack for the weekend. I am meeting Chet's father's family... and I'm a little nervous. Wish me luck!

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend, and gets to celebrate the fourth however they want!!


Courtney Strickland said...

Those Shoes really are adoreable. I, unfortainly had to choose my shoes 24 hours after I bought my dress due to limit avaliable time for tailoring, so I am so happy that you have all the details so carefully picked out and you can be so proud!! I saw the veil and thought 'omg, she is going to look beautiful, I cant wait' then I realize i have no clue if I'm invited, if not its cool, but you cannot deny me the privledge to buy you two a gift and personally bring it to you!


ashton said...

Those shoes are damn sexy. And I love the veil. It is perfect for you.