What a Week

So, I'm back. I'm back in reality, and that means juggling wedding planning with everything else in my life. One truly amazing thing for me has been the fact that it seems that I am almost required to worry about nothing else but wedding planning. Not so much required too (as I have about 8 million other things on my plate) but expected too. It makes me want to scream at people to shut up, this wedding is not my life.

Why do I feel alone in this?

Anyhow, this week, has been a good one on my end. I blocked off rooms at the hotels for UH-MAZ-ING rates, as well as getting comp rooms at one. Go me... see, I learned some haggling skills in El Salvador.Haha.

I also have been doing a lot of work with Etsy.com. Let me tell you: the people who sell their things on that website are fabulous. I worked with AClassyWedding, MissHissy, BellezzaJewlery, and JadeRoseDesigns.

MissHissy is allowing me to purchase my new shoes through her, and if they don't work (because my feet are ridiculously wide) she is graciously allowing me to send them back.

Cute, no?

I worked with AClassyWedding and BellezzaJewlery on gifts for my bridesmaids (y'all don't look, okay?).

And JadeRoseDesigns has by far been the best! She is creating my veil, and has been wonderfully patient with me as I worked with her. And guys, it is going to be gorgeous. I'll post pictures later.

We have also picked out the ties for the guys over at toybreaker. I first saw them here, and decided to check them out. We were planning on going with the oak tree, but after seeing it on someone, I decided that I was not a fan of them and have opted for something else. I made Chet sit down and decide on one. He picked this:

I love it because I love peacock feathers.

I think we're going to do the silver on black for him (which is just down right sexy) and we're trying to figure out what to do for the groomesmen. Perhaps the same? Anyone have opinions?

That's it for now, my friends. I am off to write a talk that I am giving on Saturday. I really should have done that about 4 months ago.. oops.



Courtney Strickland said...

First of all, I am having a hard time getting use to blogger. But i was so excited to see your new post! unfortionalty, i have not been able to read alot of your blog :( but its on the top of the things-to-do-when-i-am-bored list.

As for ants, boric acid didnt help. I bought a expensive indoor spray for the house and sprayed the walls, outlets, windows, carpet, cabinets...etc etc everything. and I may have solved the problem!

Its just crazy this house is so out of whack!

debt...yes..i'm in 5,000 of deliquint debt andkeith owes 14,000 on his car and I owe 8,000 on my loan. So were sweating it. But I should have taken your advice a long time ago, dave ramsey is great!

I hope we have time to catch up someday, time has never really been on our side!

Jessicus Veritas said...

asking me not to look is an open invitation. :P