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4th of July? Pretty cool. I was a little disappointed about no fireworks, but that's life. It was rally neat to meet the other side of Chet's family -- and the people that he doesn't see that often. Last night, my mom put together a typical family 4th for Chet and I, and that was fabulous. She scrounged up fireworks, made pies, bought fried chicken and we went swimming. Yummy! She's pretty spectacular.

Not doing a whole lot of wedding stuff this week. I started working again, and while I definitely have time too, I'm just not. I know, I know, bad idea.

This Saturday, we're driving in to College Station/Huntsville to meet with our (hopefully) DJ, speaking with catering, hopefully cake testing, and maybe a concert. It'll be good. :)

I am pleased, however, that I believe we have solved two conundrums that we were having.

First, about the rehearsal dinner. I bought Martha's yesterday because it had pretty pictures, and I cannot resist pretty pictures. However, it also had a nugget of wisdom that I was pretty excited to find: For the rehearsal dinner, she suggested selecting a menu that you give to your guests. Duh!! So, I think we're going to have a choice of 2 salads, 2 entrees, 2 desserts, and then a signature drink that they can order a limited number of. And then down at the bottom we'll have something that says "should you like a different menu or different drink, please be advised that you will have to cover the difference of your meal". That's how we roll.

Second! Alcohol! We were going to put a cap on the drinks. See, we're not serving liquor, we're just doing beer and wine. And my dad, when we were asking for opinions, piped up with the brilliant! idea of using tickets. I know people have done this for parties and such, but I think it's a great idea for multiple reasons.

  1. Keeps costs down. I'm a bottom line kind of girl.
  2. Keeps alcohol consumption down. Since we're not having the reception in a hotel, everyone has to drive, and we can all see the potential for disaster here. But, with drink tickets, there isn't as high of a chance.
  3. Another DIY project!!
That's what I've done. Maybe after this weekend I'll have more fodder for ya.

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ashton said...

I super like the menu idea. Super like it.