Hi... my name is Nicole

...and I have a dress problem*

See, it all started when I saw this image from Julie Ke and Jonny's wedding:

Tell me, is this not beautiful? I fell in love with her dress... and then I saw the bridesmaids dresses.

All pictures can be found here (including pictures of her gorgeous wedding!)

Okay, seriously. Aren't these gorgeous? I love them. But there are two issues:
1.) I do not have bridesmaids that I can tell to purchase these dresses thank-you-very-much
2.) I can't find them anywhere! Seriously. I have looked and looked and looked. Which is what has created my problem.

So, I thought that I would share with you pictures of dresses I like and would probably order my 'maids to where, if I had had formal ones. Enjoy!

This is nothing like the ones above, but it's still purrrty.

Now we're talking. Isn't this and this gorgeous?And all for less than $100!


This one is my favorite. I would love to have all of my girls dressed in it...
(all dresses [and more!] can be found at: Nordstroms)

See, here's my problem with telling my girls that they have to wear certain things. One reason is because I can't justify asking my wonderful college friends to spend about $100 on a dress they may or may not wear again. The second is because I don't know if they will be hanging out with us during the ceremony. And if they aren't.. well, why tell them they have to wear something?

But, my inner control freak is screaming "tell them what to wear! you must be in control! this is not right!!" But, I tell her to shut up, drink a martini and let go.

Because in the end, Chet and I will be married, and that is what really matters.

(Sidenote: I am telling them to all wear black cocktail dresses though. hehe. My justification is the fact that they can choose something that they , and as a bonus, they will wear it again.)
*please note: as a counselor to be, I am not mocking any type of AA, NA or Al-Anon traditions.

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Ashton said...

First, you can tell us what to wear because it is your wedding, and we agreed to be in your wedding for better or worse.

Second, you have not demanded anything of us, and I am pretty sure we would all be willing to wear whatever dress you asked us to wear... as long as you weren't being unreasonable.

Third, I didn't see a single dress on there that I wouldn't like to wear. I love them all, especially the yellow one and the one you said was your favorite.

So in conclusion, if you want us to wear a dress, just tell us you want us to wear a dress. Also, I think you want us up front with you or even standing on the sides or something simply because you can't make up your mind that you don't want us up there.