A Day Off

On Saturday I went shopping with two amazing women. Now, while we ultimately went shopping for a wedding dress, it quickly just turned into a girl's day, which was something I needed like you wouldn't believe. And I didn't know I needed it.

We went to lunch at a great little chicken strip place.
We went to the mall and got terribly distracted at NY&C where I bought an adorable black dress and belts.
We went to a super discounted book store.
We went to Wet Seal and Jessi bought a gorgeous dress.
We went to a shoe store and she bought ├╝ber cute shoes.
We went to EarthBound Trading and played with their masks. masks-2 masks-3 masks-6
We went to Goat Haus Dairy and got some amazing soaps, lip balms, and lotions.

And then we drove back home. It was such a lovely day, and something I needed. The girl talk was fabulous, there was laughter, food, and fun. And I am so glad we did it.

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Ashton Mouton said...

I need to be invited on the next trip. pleez.