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So, our Save the Dates came in. Yay! Well, they actually came in on the 19th (super fast shipping, btw; I am definitely using for our thank you cards!). They are great. The pictures are wonderful, the quality is fabulous, and like I said, super fast shipping. We also really got to customize them for us, since we were able to put whatever we wanted on the back.. and we could type in the return address, which meant less writing of the same thing and the bonus was that it was free. Annnnd -- if we had wanted to, we could have typed all of our text onto the card, input addresses, pay their shipping and they would have mailed them from the warehouse! Sweet!

Moving on... after dinner Saturday night, Jessi came over and helped me to address cards. You can still see our centerpiece in the middle of the table, which plays an important role soon. So, we got them all addressed...
stds-2 addressing

75 in total. Chet counted.


Towards the end, Jessi slept...


and played with Jersey.

jersey-and-jessica-11 jersey-and-jessica-8 jersey-and-jessica-6

I don't blame her, I had dragged her out of bed early to go shopping; she had to do something to keep her occupied.

Okay! So, we go them all addressed, and Chet and I were going to write sweet messages on all of them on Sunday, so we could get them in the mail by Monday, thus achieving my goal of "Save the Dates out by the 23rd".

However, on Sunday, this hellion:

(who looks so adorable when she sleeps, don't let her fool you) stepped in.

To make my life miserable.

Ok, so that's a bit dramatic, but you see, we left the save the dates, pens, addresses, aka everything on the table along with our test-piece. And my cat likes dangly thing, and our test-piece, does, in fact, have dangly things on them. See, we don't let her on the tables/chairs in the house, but apparently those dangly things are just to much to resist and she jumped up onto to the table while we were watching a movie.

And then we hear that crashing sound and your heart drops right into your stomach because you know when you look around that it's not going to be good.

And it wasn't.

Jersey successfully managed to knock over the flowers, and all their water, right on top of the Save the Dates. Madness ensues. We rushed over there to save the save the dates. Because, you see, the vase with the gorgeous daisy's was full of water -- water which was now all over my save the dates.

stds-10 stds-6

So, we preceded to spread them out all over the kitchen. Luckliy, for us and Jersey, we only lost 4. And we had extras, about 20 extras, so we were able to fix it.

One Lucky cat.

So, since we saved them, we got to go ahead and message all of them. 4 hours later, we were done, had terribly cramped hands and were hungry. But we survived.


And we mailed them out!! People should be getting them... and then taking out survey!!

Getting those Save the Dates done made us feel so unbelievably accomplished. And made the wedding so very, very real.

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Ashton Mouton said...

I would have killed the cat, and I would have been sorry about it later, but I dont think I could have resisted. Oh and I love them. They are adorable. I hope to do something very similar if I ever decide to get married... wait, if I ever find a guy who isn't too scared to talk about a future. haha. And I love the quote on the back. It's my fav besides your pretty face. :-)