Dress Conundrum

So much is going on. The wedding stuff was really quiet, and then all of a sudden... it just took off! Let's start with dresses. On Saturday, two members of my bridal brigade went with me to look at dresses! We went to this cute little bridal shop (with some odd employees) and tried stuff on.

bad-dress bad-dress-2
See these? This was like a $300 prom dress. Jessi (Origami Goddess, the one making the 1000 cranes) had to try it on, and might I say, she looked fabulous! I think I shall make these my bridesmaid dresses.

Okay, for real though. A dress. For me. For the wedding. I suppose I should probably get on that. We found one that I really like:
mori-lee mori-lee-2
That's not me, by the way. That would be my dear friend Lindsey (aka, hometown support-ress). Doesn't she look beautiful?! I can't fit into their god awful sizes. For example, this was supposed to be a size 14. She had to suck in and squeeze to fit.

Anyway, it's pretty! It's actually a bridesmaid dress, which helps make the cost pretty much amazing. I love how it looks; I like the lacy-ness of it, and the detail. I like that the bottom of it (which you can't really see here) has little crystals attached.

However, before I make my final decision, there are two other dresses that I want to see: vivina-leigh
The Vivian Leigh from Siri

I did try this one on. And it's super cute. And I could definitely wear it again, which is a plus. And look at that back! I love it! And the cut shoulders... ah love. However, it's a little bit more than I had planned on spending.

The Paige by Jenny Yoo

I haven't seen this one in person yet. I'm actually not sure how I found it, but I do like it. I just want to see it. Again,I could wear it after the wedding (which is awesome!!)

And then, I started looking online...at etsy.com I really like that website, fyi.
etsy-dress_2 etsy-dress_1
The first one just looks super comfortable. It's ALOT more than I want to spend, but it just looks amazing. I love the flowy-ness of it. And pairing it with an adorable jacket... I love it. Chet doesn't.

The second one is ├╝ber cute too. It's shorter then I would want, but in the same price range as all the others. Since it's etsy, the people are willing to work with you. I also like the fact that it's made by someone here (as in America), and they're hand-sewn by the person I order it from.

Ah, decisions.

So then, I spoke with Angie about looking for a dress. And I told her how Chet and I are wanting to keep things locally done by people we love and care for. For example, a cake by my boss, a friend doing the em-cee-ing, friends doing the music for the wedding, (probably) a dear friend officiating. With that said, we talked about how our tailor won't make wedding dresses, because they are just so blasted difficult to do. But, when I told her what I was wanting she said "well! ask so and so to do it! she's a great seamstress, and something simple like that, I'm sure she'd do it!".

Ah, be still my heart.

I love the idea of keeping things local -- whether that may be in Huntsville or Austin.

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