I'm in love.

In love with a photographer. I actually don't know how it slipped my mind, but I met Whitney Lee at the Bridal show, and that was probably one of my highlights. And, while I adore her photography, I am in love with Leah Muse's as well. Words really can't describe it; it's just one of those things.

There is just one issue though, and that's that I can't afford them without completely depleting my budget. :( You have no idea how sad I was once this was realized.

But! Wait! There is hope! Whitney and Leah are running a contest for bridal portraits!! Weee! Annnnnd I want to win!I found it on their blog [I told you I really liked them]. Even just getting bridal portraits by them would be fabulous.

I didn't really want bridal portraits done, because, what precisely am I going to do with pictures of me holding a bouquet in makeup and my dress? We don't really hang stuff on the walls [not photos of us anyway], and I wasn't going to pay to have something taken that I would stick in a drawer and forget about. However, if I could get some totally offbeat pictures done, especially by them, it would be something else!

So now I have to go think of ideas, and have them done soon...!

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