Oh... That thing

So, I went to the bridal show on Saturday, and that was utter craziness. My mom, my friends Jordan, Lindsey and Lindsey all went with me. Jordan and a Lindsey tested cake and picked up random information, the other Lindsey hung out with my mom and I.

The lovelies.

Now, this bridal show.... I am still speechless at this thing. It was held in the convention center, which in and of itself is insane. But there were something like 600+ booths [that might be an exaggeration], and had to have been about 1000 brides and all of their loved ones there. Hell, I brought 4 people with me. See? Do you see where the craziness begins?

First off, everything there was waaaaaay out of my budget. Even though my budget isn't particularly set yet, I know they were all out of my price range. Some of the venues started at renting for about $4000 a piece. Uh, no. No can do. Especially when that price doesn't really include anything but my use of the space. I would still have to pay for vendors etc. How is that helpful to me?

Second, there was just too much going on. We would walk down the aisles, and see essentially the same thing every other booth. For example, there were probably about 4 photobooths there. I get that they need to rent stuff, but it just felt like too much. Way too much. And they were all handing out papers and info and ahhh! I came home with 4 bags full of stuff!

Alright, so, did I get anything useful? Besides knowing that I never want to go to a bridal show again, meh, not really. There were a couple of venues that looked promising and in our price range, but we still need to get the budget set in stone. And then a date. And then a venue. Granted, the date and venue thing could be switched.

So, that was my bridal show experience.

Oh! They gave us this HUGE thing filled with ads.

And this was one of the ads----------------->

See, I am so not okay with that. At all.

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