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From: A Practical Wedding

Practical Advice
From My Grandmother:
  • Choose a dress you can wear again - out dancing.
  • The good thing about a wedding is it happens no matter what occurs (including a blizzard, a car wreck, total photography failure, and severe allergic reactions, all of which happened at her wedding. And yes, she giggled while she told me about it.)
  • Buying expensive shoes might not be a bad idea if they are made well enough to be comfortable and you can wear them many more times.
From My Friends:
  • Just remember, it's not a wedding if someone doesn't cry (and not from joy during the ceremony).
  • Advice From A Bride: Don't mix Valium and champagne for the wedding, even if you just broke your leg. Not good.
  • Advice From A Groom: Mixing Valium and champagne makes the whole thing much more pleasant.
  • When you look around and say "Didn't we use to talk about things other than the wedding? What happened?" Then your ready to get married.
  • After the wedding, you're over it. Whatever centerpiece you picked? Yeah. You're not going to care.
  • For God's sake, have fun.
From here: Recent Practical Advice

I love it. I totally love it. Chet and I decided that we need to print it out and post it up on our wall. We've already decided that we want our wedding to focus on us: and now we just need to stick with that.

In other news, I think we have our main goals/focuses worked out for the wedding. We entered me into the bridal portrait give away, I applied for graduation and I am working on support letters for me trip to El Salvador. All in all, it's been good. :)

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