Week number 2 of the 365 project. Woo!

11-29 Put up the Christmas Tree! I wanted it up before we had our Thanksgiving with my cohort members, thus it was up on Sunday.

11-30 Thanksgiving with the cohort. Awesome.

12-1 I actually took the time to look at the ornaments we put onto the tree. This was from last year when a coworker made me an ornament to celebrate our engagement. We also have our ring bowl from the ceremony, our "first Christmas" ornament, stuff from my mom's tree, and lots of glitter.

12-2 Video games. You cannot reasonably tell me that you do not like video games. Everyone likes them.

12-3 Snow! I got a chance to get a picture of the snowflake shapes. Purty.

12-4 Annual (apparently) Holiday party at Dr. Scheel's. This would be my cohort: Brittany, Moi, Chelsi, and Ted (L-R)

12-5 Star City Christmas Parade! I drug Chet out to it and we proceeded to freeze our asses off. I didn't end up seeing Santa because I could no longer feel my fingers or toes and Chet opted to take me home. Oh well, we'll know better for next year.

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