Oh my, oh my, oh my.

We're married. And it's lovely. The ceremony was beautiful and we're getting all kinds of compliments on it. The reception had ups and downs, but it too was lovely.

We spent the Honeymoon working our way back up here, staying in Jefferson at the Delta Street Inn, in Eureka Springs in some amazing treehouses and hanging out in Kansas City.

And now... it's over.

We're happily back in Lincoln and have finally put up and away the last of the wedding gifts. We're preparing to host a Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow night at the apartment and just enjoying each other.

So, what's next? I'm not ready to quit blogging; I'm enjoying it way too much. I've thought about a few things -- like doing a year in pictures, working my way into a wife-ly role, and just updating about stuff. Chet and I have discussed what we're going to be doing as a couple, since we're not having kids rightthissecond, despite the demand from some too. I refuse to blog about all the things we're doing in our house as "nesting". It'll be fun figuring this out, and I hope you'll keep reading along.

And no... I do not miss wedding planning. Nope.


Ashton said...

Today I sat through a seminar about having kids in academia. It was interesting to say the least. We should talk about it sometime.

Megan said...

aww you two are so cute together!!!