DJ's and a Menu

So, a few weeks ago, Chet and I made the trek out to College Station/Huntsville to set up a menu and pick out a DJ.

First stop was the DJ: We've decided to go with LiveWire Productions. And they are basically awesome. First off, the owner met with us when he had other events going on that day. That showed Chet and I that they took an interest in their clients, which was spectacular since the other DJs we spoke with wouldn't really get back in touch with us. Double ugh.

Wade, the owner, sat with us for an hour weaving this beautiful pattern of all the things that they could provide for us. Unfortunately, we can't afford their most premium package, but we can defintely go with their "Romance Package", and we sure did. This provides music for 4 hours along with a professional DJ, lighting etc. We both agree that music is a huge thing at a party like this, and are more than willing to pay more than what we had expected. In total, with mileage, the DJ will be about $1100.

Our next meeting was with Aramark. You remember our issue with getting a meeting, correct? Well, we had a few more issues, however we did get a meeting with an assistant manager and went for it. So, we choose our menu (Champagne Chicken, London Broil, Roasted New Potatoes, Green Beans Almondine, Rolls, Iced Tea and Water service -- yum yum yum!!) We talked about drink tickets, setting up the building, all of that stuff that we needed to.

After a few kinks with the bill, we got everything squared away and now have catering done. We'll be spending about $2,500 on food and drinks. Not too shabby, I believe.

So, $3,600 will be going towards the food, drinks, and music. Way more than we had planned, but is still worth it in the end.


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ashton said...

Everything is so expensive. So sad.