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Tonight, my guest book dilemma was solved, and that made me unbelievably happy. Over the past few months, I've toyed with multiple ideas on how to do a guestbook. I've toyed with wish-trees, time capsules, memo books and finally settled on a photo guest book. I loved the idea of doing Polaroids of guests as they walk in, set them in a basket, and then, at dinner have them glue their photos into a book and sign best wishes.

Well, first problem: Polaroids are effing expensive. Like, really really expensive.
Second: Polaroid cameras are effing expensive. So, I moved on.

My next idea was to get a couple friends of ours to take the pictures, immediately print them out with a portable printer glue them in and let our guests sign away!
First problem: ummm who would want to miss our incredible ceremony to print them out?!
Second: printer ink for those printers is expensive (see a trend?)

Okay, well, tonight I went with my mom to a creative memories consultant*. And they have this thing called a Milestone Book. Now, the pages in a milestone book look like this:

Those are places where you get to slip in paper and photos. Okay, so is it starting to come together? No? Well, I shall continue on then.

And this is the paper.

Alright here's what we're going to do {imagine mission impossible music in the background now, please}: We're going to get two or three friends to stand at the entrance to the ceremony. These friends will take pictures of the guests arriving however they may be arriving. Then, they (our friends) will dump those pictures at our 'dump station' (more on that later). When guests are seated, they will see the lovely paper pictured above at their seat. There will be some announcement or something telling them to use this to write their well wishes, words of wisdom, what have you on. As they leave, we will have a basket for them to stick the paper in.

Then, while Chet and I are honeymoonin' it up, we will have the pictures printed and go through the best wishes etc. and stick them in the scrapbook. There will be room for extra photos, cards, and memories.

And I am totally stoked by all of this. This is the perfect balance, and it will make life easier, and more fun, in the long run. I think we may also use extra paper on a table for people to make predictions about us in 1 year, 5 years, 10, 15 & 20; like in 20 years y'all will ________________. That could be a lot of fun too. :) :)

What do you think?

*My mom is a huge scrapbooker. When I moved out, she turned my room into something all scrapbookers envy with walls of paper, cutters, books, designs... you name it, she probably has it.

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Ashton said...

I love this idea. I think it is very similar to what we did at your shower.