One Week

Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's been a week since I last posted. I totally am in awe fo people who post every single day (and maybe even twice) about their weddings or stuff they found. I mean, I probably could but I just don't think about this blog that often. Signs that I could never be a "professional" blogger with lots of readership. I'm cool with that.

Anyhow, this week was literally dedicated to relaxing here and flowers. Jessica (my origami queen) drove up on Monday to hang out with me through Wednesday. That was pretty amazing. You never realize how much you miss people... until they aren't there. We spent the majority of our time in Michael's, since she likes it as much as I do and driving around Austin and enjoying each other’s company. I had pictures, but they're locked on my camera, so you don't get to see them. Sucks for you.

Anyhow, remember those pretty flowers I bought? We'll, I've been tracking them down. I bought all that they had at Michael's on Saturday for $3.99 each. When we went on Monday to a different one... they had them, but they were 7.99. Uh.. WHAT?!  Sorry, they are pretty, very, very pretty in fact, but I am not about to pay 7.99 for them. No go. Well, I remembered I had two 40% off coupons and used those to buy 2 of them. And then figured I would just wait and see if they went on sale again.

Well... on Thursday I went to Michael's to pick up some arts and crafts stuff for my trip to El Salvador. And they had more of the flowers, but they had left up the sale sign from last week.

Dun dun dun.

I brought the manager over and he looked at me, looked at the sign, looked at me again and said I could get whatever I wanted at 50% off and then he ripped the sign down. So I bought 11 of them, all that they had! That brings me up to 12. I know, you're wondering what on earth am I going to do with all these Ranunculus'. I mean really, am I going to have a bouquet of 15 bunches?

Okay, no.

We’re using them for centerpieces! Remember our dilemma. You may not, I don’t know if I ever discussed it here. With the size of the vases, our centerpieces were in that obnoxious spot of tables that was right in the eyeline. I hate that. I truly do. So, we had to find something else.

Take a look.

centerpiece-3     centerpiece  


Pretty huh? Now, imagine them sitting in the midst of an 8ft round table with a champagne table cloth and a black table runner. The table runner will cover the awful battery pack. The candles will probably all be ivory, and they will all be lit. And unscented, just so you know. The ribbon will be replaced with a light yellow and black… just to tie it all together.

Won’t that be pretty? And all for 87.00 ... oooh yeah 

Thanks! My mom helped me come up with the idea. They’re just mason jars we have lying around, battery operated lights and candles. Oh, and my flowers I am totally in love with. I’m pleased.


Okay, so I’m sure you recognize this, but you’re wondering why I have a picture of it. We’ll, we’re planning on using them outside. I’m trying to convince my dad to make cheap little shepherd hooks and we’ll hang these on them with candles inside to add more uumph to the night.

I am super pleased with how it’s all coming together.

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