Flowers and Invites

Phew... busy day.

flowers_3 flowers_4

Aren't they pretty? These are going to be for my bouquet, bridesmaids, boutonnieres, etc. I found them at Michael's for $3.99 a bunch... !!!!They're silk Ranunculus' which I think are my new favorite flowers. I also bought two bunches of roses and other stuff to help add more for the attendants.

We're still going to buy flowers through The Flower Exchange for the centerpieces. I just didn't want to mess with live flowers for myself and the attendants.

flowers_1 bouquet-wrap

This is actually what my bouquet will look like. We're going to do a pearl wrap on the bottom, like the one above. :)


I also worked on the invitations tonight. Mainly printing them out. Remember, we used this for inspiration. However, I didn't realize just how small those dimensions were. I really should have measured it first. The actual paper that we print on is 4.25 x 6 .25. Go measure that.

No really, I'll wait.

.... did you measure it?

Okay, see how small that is?!


This is a picture of my attempt to get the sizing right. Because, at first print, you couldn't even read the invite... and that's no bueno. No bueno, at all.

So, I finally got the sizing right and then had to print it out. That was a whole other ballgame. I was printing from photoshop, which I have no experience in. It also was highly unhelpful that Chet isn't here this weekend. But, I finally figured it out...


... and printed up a bunch for Charlotte, for her to practice stamping. Here's the problem... there is virtually no room for our little birds. :(

See, I love those birds, and I really, really don't want them to go away. She said she's going to practice and we'll see what we get.

We've considered changing the size of the front card to 4.75 x 6.75 which would still allow us to use regualr postage (we hope), and let us use the birds (we double hope).

All in all, I feel like I am making progress, slowly but surely. See, the catch is that while our wedding is 175 days (O EM GEEEE) away, we really only have until August 15th to do the projects. Why?, you may wonder. Becuase I start school on the 21st, in Nebraska. And that means that I must be moved up there, and ready for the wedding as we aren't driving to Texas and as such can't bring anything with us really.


But, that's how it goes. At one point we totally considered moving the wedding to July 25th. I'll tell you about that at another point in time. :)

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Ashton said...

You're wedding invitations arent going to go out before the bradal shower and passions party invitations are they???