Pretty, Pretty Pictures

I spent the morning not preparing for finals but searching Once Wed for pretty pictures and inspiration.

Totally found some.

Let me share:

via: Once Wed

Tell me this is not the most awesome photo you've seen of a groom and his men? For real. Look at the love there between them. Chet and I saw this and were like... "yeah!"

via: Once Wed

This = Gorgeous. I have no idea how they did that, but it is beautiful. It creates such an elegant atmosphere. And it looks like a giant pillow. Love it!

via: Once Wed

Isn't this couple just the sweetest? I love the one of him dipping her. There is just something about this photo that make me happy to look at it.

I also got some great inspiration for my bouquet (yes, I am doing one!) and potentially another way to set up our invitations ( I realize that I am never happy with anything).

Oh, and I got a great idea for a wedding gift for Chet. But that won't be posted here :-p

Have a happy week, y'all!

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Ashton said...

I love the one of the groom and his men. By the way, did you guys ever decide what you were doing about us?? the support group??