I love looking through photos of people, so after we took ours last Saturday I couldn't wait to get them in!

And we got them today.

And they are amazing!! Have a looksie.

These first 5 were taken near Austin Hall, our wedding venue. The first one is with my favorite Sam statue. The second one is on the steps of where I hope we can say our vows in November. I love the boots. So very Texas. The third one is in the side garden. We were trying to get a decent picture of my "bling". It kind of worked.


About the photo frame: we saw a super cute photo with a frame that had the couple colored in and everything else black and white. I'm working on getting that done to this photo, but wither way, I love it. The last photo is with our names that we had Chet's youngest brother, Chey carve in to the wall. It's tradition to carve your name and graudation date. So we did. It's also super fitting for us. :)


These were taken at the library on campus. I liked how most of these turned out. The first one is a little odd, but I'm hoping it grows on me. The second one, however, is beautiful. I love the colors in the background. Art History Journals = gorgeous backdrop.


I also like these with the books. Funny story about the one in between the shelves: It took us a bit to get into the right shelves, and then we didn't even get book titles in the photo :) Anyway, the first set of shelves we were at were about military. Titles like Everybody's Guide to Small Claims Court, Blood and Steel, The Medieval Siege and so many more. We decided it wasn't the best place to take those pictures at. We found the book in the second photo somewhere in the shelves. I thought the title was perfect.


The park! I love these. Actually, I love all of them, but these are great playful photos. I jumped on Chet's back and preceded to pick me up. Which made me squeal. I love the sky though, and the grass. It's gorgeous. All in all, the photos turned out beautifully.

I am so pleased with Thomas' work. I wasn't sure at first, but after seeing these... I am so ready for him to capture our wedding. I think that he captured our spirit, playfulness, and love within these. And that makes me happy. :)

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Ashton said...

I love the one with the photo frame, and it is the best one you have. It completely captures everything about your relationship. Plus, it has the school you met in the frame and both of your rings, which I just think is the cutest thing ever.