My friends

So this is just a really fast post, but I want to post it. My Bridal Brigade is amazing. In no particular order:

Ashton is my fish face friend. With out her, I would probably go a bit bonkers. She's quick to make me see the bright side, and to cool me down when I get angry.

Charlotte is my surrogate mother. This woman has known me through everything and stuck by me. She's also going to be putting together my invitations... and paying for them as a gift to us. Besides all of that, she reminds Chet and I that it's our wedding, and we should do it how we want to.

Jessi is spectacular. She is folding the majority of 1000 cranes. She is also designing our marriage contract. And has helped us navigate many tearful nights.

Lindsey is.... words can't say. She's pretty awesome. She's my hodge podge go to gal. She helps us do just about anything, and is quick to answer the phone whenever I need girl talk. And finally... last but not least...

This Lindsey is fantabulous. So much so she gets her own word. Whenever a new post comes up, she calls me to say that she'll help with this, that, and the other. And she really does.

All of my bridal brigade is amazing, and I don't know what I would do without them. Fo' real.

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