I was going to talk about our venue, which we have in fact decided upon and even put down a deposit. However, Chet is a much better story teller than I, and as such, I commissioned him to work on that. He's has the first one done. You can read it here.

We ordered our Save the Dates. As you may remember, (or I may have not even said) we were going to e-mail them out. It was cost effective and really non-time consuming at all. And I was thrilled by this. So was Chet.


My parents were not. They argued that for their generation e-mail is not a communication means like it is for mine. E-mail is meant to be for informal or business use only. Not for something like a wedding. Alright...

We ordered postcards from Snapfish and they were slightly cost effective, will be time consuming, but you make concessions.

(click to enlarge)

So there they are. Our Save the Dates. How did they come about you ask? I'll tell you! First, we love the photobooth idea. I've always thought that was a cool idea, even before it was cool to have (so we all say right?). Then we saw these great pictures:
here and here and here.

And we were in love. So, we put our own spin on it. And that's what we got.

Quick funny story: We were ordering them and we were about order 150 so that we would have extras in case errors occurred. And then we were doing math and yadda yadda. And then I had a 'duh' moment. I was not about to mail out individual save the dates to every person who we were inviting... with that thought, I realized we were about to order about 60 more than we needed. Yup. I love my logic.


Chet said...

I'm extremely glad you caught on to this before we paid what we were going to pay. It's pretty darn exciting.

Nicole said...

ohh i like your STD idea!! very fun!! Excited to see the finish product!