Oh centerpieces.
Sometimes I truly loathe you.
Sometimes, I like you.

Back in December, my mom and I set off on journey to find sales at Micheal's. While we were there we came across these lovelies:

They were on sale for $5 a piece. We bought 10. And, suddenly, my centerpiece journey began. We played with some ideas of what we wanted to do with them. We talked about lights with leaves spread around them (keep in my mind: November wedding).

And then, my world changed when I saw these:

via: Little Black Book Blog
Uh, yeah. These are perfect! One hundred percent perfect! So, I set out on my venture to make it work, because by golly it will.

I bought keys:

And crystals:

And, just for extra measure, we decided to make cranes:
*side story: we're {and by we're I mean my good friend} is making 1000 cranes for the wedding. they range in size from 6x6 paper to 3x3.

And then we did a test run:

This one, I'm not so sure about. Since the vases are kind of short and dumpy, making the flowers tall doesn't seem aesthetically pleasing.

So, I cut them:

I like this much better. However, I'm afraid of where they will sit on the table. You know the old rule "better high or low than in eyesight"? Yeah. This is where I worry.

But, I do like the hanging stuff. And I love the crane in the flower. And I love the hanging cranes. It's all adorable. Really, it is. My pictures just don't do it justice.

Luckily, I have another, you know, 8 months to play. I told Chet that it's such a shame he'll have to start buying me flowers {with all the sarcasm in the world}.

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livinlavida said...

Oh i love! how cuteee!!!! hey! when you get to invitations.. check out 25% off!!! Its a good deal!