Bridesmaids or no?

The above was never what I really pictured my bride's maids to look like. I don't like the uniformity of it [amazing, huh?]. And I don't like the idea of making my dearest [struggling to feed themselves, college/new professional] friends buy a dress that costs between $100-$250, shoes, or pay to get their hair/makeup/nails done.

And that's why it won't be.

So, what am I going to do then? Well, first off, we aren't having people stand up with us. Remember, we're keeping the wedding small and intimate and as such, we feel that the people who will be there will be those who will support us. So why single out only a few of them?

But, on the other hand, I love the idea of it. I know I am going to need the help, and I want to recognize these fabulous women/men. So, we've played with the idea of having a non-bridal party. I ♥ my friends. All of them.

My girls:
  • Listens to me complain about how expensive weddings are, how obnoxious our families are being, and does it all with a margarita and a smile.
  • Helps my mom/Charlotte throw a shower.
  • Comes to the bachelorette party if she can.
  • Helps out doing whatever she likes to do or is good at [i.e. baking brownies, making invitations, drinking, etc].
  • Helps me get ready day-of [hint: this may involve alcohol and chocolate].
  • Tells me when I'm being bridezilla, or just a bitch.
We drink alot, huh?

She does NOT:
  • Wear the same dress as all the other non-bridesmaids. She wears her own dress (or skirt, or comfy pantsuit) instead. *We may make her buy the same the shoes. More on that later*
  • Get her hair or makeup done for my wedding (you all are very familiar with making yourself look beautiful every day). *If she WANTS to get her hair or makeup done because she loves any excuse to be pampered, then I am all for that! Do it!!*
  • Carry flowers. *If you really want some flowers, I will get you some, just for being such a fabulous person*
  • Stands in front of all the other guests.
With help from A Practical Wedding

So, who are these lovely women going to be? I'll tell you when they agree. :)

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