Ah... Dresses

I like dresses. I like the big cupcake dresses with trains that require little children to carry them down the aisle. I like dresses that swish when you walk in them. I like dresses with big designs and colors. I like dresses that are A-line, low cut, empire waist, sweetheart, halter top, etc. etc. etc. I really could go on and on.

However, for me, there is really only one dress.

I’m in love with the 50’s. I may not be the housewife type, but I love the style, the music, the life. Ah, it just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Anyway, I am also addicted to stumbleupon and found a new feature that it has: 'stumbleupon weddings’!!! So, on Tuesday, after making this discovery, I stumbled onto wedding blogs, ideas, ‘dressmakers’, dresses, cakes, article… everything wedding related that could possible be found on the Internet. I did this for twelve hours (12!) mind you. That was a very long time. When I went to bed, I was dreaming about taffeta, in vivid pastel like colors, diy-ing stuff, and of course about jordan almonds. It was almost nightmarish. So, I stayed away from wedding stuff yesterday, [which coincidentally was a day off of work!]

Okay, so all of this leads me to one gorgeous website I found call Stephanie James Couture. And guess what?! She totally designs 50’s type dresses and accessories! Uh, yeah, sign me up! I have to say, I flipped when I found her website and subsequently bombarded my dear lover with lots of links and pictures. Ah, it was glorious.

The first dress I came across and loved was the Betty. And then there was the Audry. And then there were suits, and pill box hats with netting, and peacock feathers… oh my! Ah, feel the fuzzies! The tea length would be amazing for our *possible* wedding site, and the look is so classic. Chet and I really like the first one (called Mrs. Kennedy) for various reasons. One being that I could actually wear my wedding dress again… at church, or picnic with kids, or, whatever! And then add cute pillbox hats with adorable shoes, and I am in.

There are two little insy issues, though: 1. I have a wedding dress 2. SJ Couture dresses range from 1200-4000 a piece… which is about the budget for my wedding. Hehe. Just little problems.

The wedding dress that I currently have [pictures to come later] is beautiful. It really is. But my taste has changed since that dress was purchased for about $150 back in the day. So here are my thoughts: if I want to wear it anyway, it’s gonna need some major tailoring, changing up, and all around alterations. Why not alter it in my 50’s style?! It’ll cost probably around $500 to change up, but I’m good with that. It’s definitely cheaper than $1200.

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