Night before

So! Getting ready!

On Friday, we had our rehearsal, dinner, and then spent 4 hours decorating for the wedding. Phew.

Since our pastor had to back out on us for personal reasons, we had to find a new one. We were directed to Jeff Ganz at Willis UMC. He met with us Thursday to go over the ceremony which I painstakingly wrote, then came down Friday to do the rehearsal.

After our rehearsal, we went to the Stardust Room for dinner. It was one of our favorite hang outs while in school, and one of the first places we decided to have anything at.

The rehearsal dinner was where we handed out gifts to our bridal party and families. The groomsmen all received hand made cuff links from Chet and ties from Toybreaker.

The bridesmaids received earrings, shawls, hand painted knick knack bowls and hand written letters from me.

Our parents each received a photo frame that was engraved and had one of our engagement photos in it.

And Charlotte got a little canvas print.

After the rehearsal, all of the bridal party plus some headed back to the venue and we decorated, decorated, decorated. For some reason, no photos were really taken during this, but man was it fun/intense/crazy/emotional/....

And, my friends are incredible. We had groups putting together our programs, re cutting some of the corks, ironing table runners, decorating table numbers, and helping me re design the down stairs for the ceremony (which had to be moved inside).

Once all the decorating was done (well, that we could do for the night), we left to go our separate ways. Chet and I decided to not stay together the night before because I wanted some alone time with the gals. And that was the perfect decision for us, well for me anyway.

Oh! Story! I lost his wedding band the night before the wedding. I literally had had it in my possession for about 12 hours when I lost it. That was AWESOME! At two in the morning my girls and I are running around town looking for it. Turns out, the box had wedged itself in the trunk...

Next up... day of preparations.

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ashton said...

I thought, just for a moment, that you were going to forget the wedding band story. Oh man, that was stressful.