Thoughts on my last day

That sounds a bit morbid. I just mean my last day as a single person.

To be honest, I have no thoughts.

Everyone insists on asking me if I am nervous, scared, worried, etc. And I'm not. Is that strange?

Honestly, I feel ecstatic. I feel that this is probably one of the single most right things I have ever done. But for some reason, I guess I am supposed to be nervous.

Obviously there are things I'm stressed about. Like paying for it all and maintaining peace with certain people. But overall? I can't control if people are enjoying our wedding. I can't control their feelings.

What I can control is me. And I am in love. I am making a choice that feels amazing. And I can't wait to begin.

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Ashton said...

Good girl.

My favorite part about the whole thing was when we started opening boxes to decorate, and you said "I'm kind of a control freak." You had the most apologetic face ever. It was so cute.