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Music for the wedding has been an adventure, to say the least. Well, not really for the reception, we covered that pretty quickly deciding that a DJ was important to us and thus throwing a huge chunk of the budget to that.

However, the ceremony has been a wild ride.

A friend of ours was going to handle the music for us. He is in the music program at the University and thus was willing to help put together a brass quintet and it was going to be amazing. Then, the guys had to play at an away game in the marching band. Ugh.

So then we tentativly set up with another friend of ours and his string quartet. About two weeks later something else came up and they couldn't do it. Ugh.

Then, we said, alright, we'll just pay the extra for the DJ to handle that music.

Phew. Settled. Ha! You just thought it was. We realized we would be paying close to $1600 for wedding music and couldn't do it. That's all of our bills in a month. Nope. So we cancelled. Back at square 1.

We've decided to go forth with a playlist and a speaker and an iPod. Maybe. My dad is apparently in cahoots with the university looking for a string quartet.

If we get it... AWESOME!! If we don't, well, we have a back up plan.

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