I have a lot to say... but I'm going to talk about shoes.

I'm being terrible at updating right now. It's not for lack of stuff to write about; I have plenty of that. I have invites to recap, I have the crazy-ness of planning while being 4 states away, money/budget problems... I have plenty of fodder. I'm just not feeling it currently, which is kind of sad.

Anyhow, I want red shoes. I'm not really sure why. I haven't seen the completed dress or anything else. I'm not sure where my veil is. Or my hair piece. I don't have any of the jewelry I want to wear. I just have the shoes I bought.

These, actually:

But, I want red shoes.

Like these

red shoes

or these. I really like these.

Sadly, I cannot afford said shoes. They're $50 and I have no coupons or anything. But, if I did... oh, if I did. I would totally buy them. :)

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Ashton said...

I also like the red shoes, plus red shoes are just so you.