Hold On.

This post isn't about the wedding. But, I'm okay with that. I just need somewhere to get this down in writing.

Chet and I are very stretched financially right now. I know we're not unique, and I count our blessings that currently we have a roof over heads, food in the refrigerator, and we just payed our bills for the month.

But both of us are jobless. See, that comes as a shock to me even typing this, though I know it in the back of my head 24/7. "Nicole, why is that a shock? This is a shitty economy. You're both new college graduates, who have moved away from all of your connections!"

Well, dear reader, it's a shock because I am in a Ph.D. program. And a lie that I was told when applying to programs was that "ALL DOCTORAL STUDENTS ARE FUNDED! YOU'LL HAVE A STIPEND AND YOUR CLASSES WILL BE PAID FOR!!!!" Lies.

I graduated with no student loans. Chet did the same thing. I did everything I possibly could to become an ideal candidate for a Ph.D. program. And I have no funding. We're living on a student loan. A loan that I figured would be plenty for this semester. $10,000 -- pssh! That's more than we've been making in a year for the last 3! We can do this!

Well, $6,500 of it went to pay tuition.

So, that left us with 3,500. That's not enough. It should be, maybe. That's debatable. But, it's seeming to not be enough.

This is not a post asking for money. Or to make anyone feel guilty for having money. Or any other possibilities. This is just a frustration.

And a note to say that Chet has a job interview for a temp. agency. It's today at 2. Please pray he gets it.

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