Dear Wedding Gods: To Do List Prayer

Dear Wedding Gods:

Just how are you doing up there? Was it a crazy wedding season? I still think you should be quite happy that my wedding is in the off season. Just sort of a blip on the radar screen, so to speak, as far as weddings go.

I need your help again. I love autumn, and that's why we chose it for our wedding. The downside to that is that I am in school. I'm actually in a Ph.D. program (thanks graduate school gods!). That means I am crazy busy and have lots to do with that. But I am also needing to be crazy busy with this whole planning a wedding business.

See, I have a to do list a mile long. And it's not big things, but it's stuff like send emails, print stuff, purchase last minute things -- you know pretty small stuff that I doubt people will know if they're missing it. However, it's all become quite big to me and as such I avoid it. That's my unhealthy coping skill. I gave up the chocolate, most of booze, and the cigarettes, so now I just avoid. I think it's a healthy trade...

...unless your wedding is 6 weeks away.

So anyway, if you could please help me to remember my to do list, that would be great. Preferably when others are awake so they can respond to me. Oh, and make sure there's ink in my printer when I do remember. That was a bit obnoxious.


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Ashton said...

I can help you do as much as you need the weekend I come to Nebraska. I've decided I'm coming for sure, pending I dont have a melt down or another migraine. But seeing as I only get those about every two years, I should be good to go until just about the time I start my PhD program.