My Inspiration Board

In exactly two months*, I will be Mrs. Something or Other (I'm not sure about this whole name things). So, in honor of this once-in-a-lifetime, momentous occasion, I decided to share with you some pictures that keep me sane during the wedding planning. These are also photos that are kind of an inspiration board to me, of what I want to be like on my wedding day.

Just wait, you'll see why.

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A classic pose, one of which I'm sure will happens lots.

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This groom, is totally sticking his tongue out at his bride. Are you kidding me? This is uh-mazing. I would laugh my head off, and it would be so real for us.

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Chet and I have talked about this. One (or both) of us will cry. I will probably bawl if my dad tears up.

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via: I'm not sure. I'll find it again, eventually.

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Doesn't she just look amazing? So happy, and ... fill in the blank. It's amazing.

via: A Practical Wedding

Their abandon is fabulous. I want it.

I'm having a hard time caring about the little things at this point. Okay, that's a blatant lie. However, rationally, I know that no wedding is perfect. And it is absolutely crazy, CRAZY!, for me to expect it to be. Come the day of, I will just be glad to be married to my love. And that is something that I cannot wait for.
*We may not be marrying. Chet just told me he's never seen Karate Kid. Ugh.