And... we have fabric

Phew. What a crazy couple of days.

When I first e-mailed my aunt about my wedding dress she was very reluctant.

In fact, the conversation went something like this:

“Hey Aunt Jan! I was wondering if it would be possible for you to make my wedding dress.”

“I can’t believe you would have that much confidence in me… I will have to look at the pattern… I’m honored you would ask, but, I made Kari’s attendants dresses and don’t know about this…” (Keep in mind that Jan lives in Indiana and I am in Texas, soon to be Nebraska)

I then convinced her she could do this, especially after I showed her this. She felt a lot more comfortable when she realized we could do a muslin mock up (and should) before putting together the dress.

It also took a lot of me saying “this is just a dress. don’t think about it as a ‘wedding dress’. It’s just a dress.” See, I have this very laissez-faire approach to our wedding. In the end, all that I care about it Chet and I being married. And we will be. It doesn’t matter what we’re wearing, who’s beside us, what is served at the dinner, if my hair is done by a professional, if we have centerpieces, if we 1000 cranes; it doesn’t matter. We will be married, and that is all that I care about. The end.

But, it’s been awesome working on this dress.

In total, we’ve* done 4 mock up tops. And now, she has perfected the top, and got the size(s)** right and fitting. Today, she added the skirt to it.. and it’s amazing!! Oh, I am so excited about this, and know that it was the absolute right thing to do.

So, this evening, we picked up her daughter for a girls night and made our way to the fabric store. I picked out the material we’re going to use, the lace we’ll use to decorate, and everything else.

Total? $130.00

Yeah, that’s right. That is my wedding dress, which cost me $130.00. How amazing is that? And the best part is that we’ve designed it so that I can wear it again; it doesn’t scream “I AM A WEDDING DRESS!!!!”.

Now, you want pictures, right?

Well, too bad. I’m going to keep the dress a secret from Chet. I’ve wrestled with this idea, of whether to do it or not, but I think I’m going too. I think it’ll be fun to surprise him with it’s beautiful-ness on our wedding day. So there.

However,if you would like to see pictures (and promise not to tell Chet) I will send them to you. E-mail me at nmlozano {at} gmail {dot} com. But, since I know you’re dying for a pciture, here’s one:

My future in-laws. Chet’s in the tie, Sissi is next to me, Reid is behind me and Chet’s brothers are on the end

My family. My aunt (who’s making the dress) is behind my mom in the tan dress. Charlotte, my dear, dear friend is next to Jan in the back.

All from my graduation!!

*Please know that when I say “we” I mean, she. I haven’t done a dang thing except keep her company.
**Those effing sizes are bs. According to them, I range in size from 16 to 28. Fo’ real.

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