To Do List April

Yesterday, I was bored. I was in a class and I was bored to tears, so I started making lists, which never really is a good thing for me.

Anyway, there is a blog I read (go figure) called A Practical Wedding. She did a couple of posts on her Wedding Blackout Stage and Lists. Now, Meg is pretty close to her wedding. I think there is some genuine reason to freak-out.

We are T minus 232 days away from ours -- should I be freaking out? No.

Do I? Yes.

So, to my list. Which eventually just became damn questions about this, that and the other.
  • Invitation ideas : should we do sparrows? ampersands? argh! And then who should design it, because I am not about to drop $3400 on invitations, thank you.
  • Wedding dress fabric? Coat fabric? Did anyone know there were so many options? We're making my dress *I hope* and it's super cute, but now I have to make these decisions...
  • pillbox hat with veil. love it. Does my grandmother have one hidden somewhere? Will I need to buy one? How much will that cost? Is it difficult to attach a veil/netting?
  • name change? don't even get me started.
  • find Chet's perfect gift. No easy task, mind you
  • Get in touch with our catering people. Yeah right.
  • Bridesmaids? Maid of Honor? What the hell am I going to do? {Please note, there is a back story here, but one that I feel is not appropriate for the Internet as I don't want to seem rude, hateful, fill in the blank. I also don't want to hurt the person involved, so I am moving on thankyouverymuch. }
  • are we doing favors? are we doing a send off? This might have been solved though thanks to this blog.
  • should i get a second pair of shoes? you know, i love the heels I bought, but they are awfully high, and I am awfully clumsy. And I am a bad dancer. This seems to be a bad combo.
  • How about someone to you know, actually marry us?
  • Twogether? Are we gonna do it?
  • What about premarital counseling?
  • honeymoon?!!?
  • Rooms? for, you know, the guests.
Ah. Take a deep breath.

It doesn't help that I am waiting to make my final decision on UNL. They accepted me {squeal!!} but I need to find out about funding, which is so nerve racking...

However, I am going to do a dance, because Iowa just legalized same-sex marriage. We are on our way to equality for all. Can I get an amen?!


livinlavida said...

Check out for invitations... they're great! I got 225 for $167. including shipping! Simple but beautiful

ashton said...

I know someone who designed her own invitations, and if it isn't that hard, I could probably do them for you, maybe with some help from Jessica. Let me know what you think. I'll ask her, and get back to you.