To Do in March

  • Change Blog Layout (Which means, if you get this by e-mail, you need to come look!
  • Work on Guest List
  • Visit Austin Places
  • Send Thomas our photography contract
  • Send out Save the Dates
  • Go at least look at dresses
  • List old dress for sale
  • Take a deep breath
  • Send Angie cake pictures
  • Book a DJ? Yes? No? ... So, make a decision
  • Test run centerpieces
  • Wait *patiently* for my shoes
  • Enjoy Spring Break
  • Enjoy my friends
  • Don't get too wrapped up all of this

3 down... unlimited to go. Though, I think I can handle some of that. We'll see.

I'm on Spring Break. And we're running away again. And then we'll be in Austin looking at places. Ah... :)

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